What is Sanitizing and Fogging?

You may have seen news coverage of airlines spraying their cabins in between flights, or you may have seen photos of malls, streets, subways in Japan being sprayed down. With the changes to our world and our communities as a result of Coronavirus, many of us are turning to disinfecting and sanitizing our environments to avoid the threat of this virus. 

An effective way to quickly treat areas is through fogging. Through this system small droplets of disinfectant are released into the air and onto surfaces killing germs upon contact. This treatment system is safely used in homes, office buildings. state and government buildings, hotels, laboratories, restaurants, stores, vacation properties, parks, school buses, charter buses, at car dealerships, on golf carts and so much more. The disinfecting products, which have been lab tested, are safe on a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces. This treatment has been proven to be so safe that people can return to the treated space within minutes after the disinfecting has taken place. 

This treatment can add an extra layer of protection for your loved ones, community, workers, and adds peace of mind.